Looking Fly On A Budget!

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You might not agree publicly but your day dreams may consist of seas of crowd parting and eyes and heads moving in swift unison while you walk across that room in slow motion; or you may just want to sit in a far corner of the cafeteria being the wallflower that you are, oblivious about the existence of the entire world, looking so effortless and stealing compliments and looks from the passers by. Either end of this spectrum you may be, we can all agree that compliments boost confidence and vice versa. We all want to look great and have our own style, and do that while not blowing a hole in our wallet.

You may be still in school, or still in college with student loans and a low paying job, or you may have just started working and you certainly do not have that much of money to spend on a pair of red bottoms, or you may be one of the smart ones; who knows that you need not pay a fortune to look like a diva. Here are few helpful suggestions that would save you the most amount of money without destroying your style.

Go shopping at thrift stores

Thrift store is your wonderland my darling! This is where it is at. If you have the eye and the patience you will be walking out with so many little gems. These shops carry so many items that are branded and high end even, but were never worn more than once or twice. That means you will actually be spending about three times the less money for something that is in perfect condition.  And if that is not a steal!

Keep an eye out for sales

This is where you will save a ton of money. No matter in what form these sales will come in; either they are end of season, stock clearance, Christmas, Black Friday or any other, make sure to check these out. Your favorite pair of shoes that you have been eyeing for a while might suddenly go on clearance. Buy things that you can adjust and alter. Be novel and creative for an example by large t-shirts from a party t shirt designs and turn them in to cute little dresses.

Shop online

Since there are no middle men, there is a good chance that you will get a better price than the store. And these shipping sites usually give you a discount code to be used at checkout, or beauty gurus or public figures on social media put up their very own discount codes  as well. This is very good way to find dupes for expensive brands as well. Why? Nobody is wasting the price tag outside. And if you want something very specific for a certain event or so, this is perfect. What is easier? To go hauling at numerous specialty shops or to coolest funny t shirts Australia?

Get membership and loyalty cards from everywhere

This is a cool option that most stores will offer, and do not shy away from these. These cards will overtime will accumulate points and you will be able to use them for purchases and not only that, most times than not they give special discount codes for their loyalty members. You might get a little surreal discount or even a free gift on your birthday.