Theme Ideas For Parties

Running low on inspiring ideas for parties? After the first 10 years of a child’s life, people tend to disregard how important a fete is and usually fall back on the generic cakes, banners and party treats. Yet there are some important milestones in life that must be celebrated, so here are some interesting and inspiring ideas for the parties you throw, whether they are for your friend or your grandmother.

Parties for Grandma or Grandpa

Naturally you need to select a venue that is easy for your grandmother or grandfather to access, so don’t even think of an observation deck in a tower unless there is an elevator handy. As for themes, older folk love to reminisce, especially if they are past their 40’s, so you can theme it for a cultural influence that was big back in their day. Take the 60’s for instance – this decade brought many positive changes in people’s attitudes and a lot of liberal thoughts and actions. So, decorate the 50th birthday invitations from Australia with flowers, a marijuana leaf or two and the peace symbol. Have everyone turn up in 1960’s fashion. Involve your grandparents as much as possible in the planning so that you can get a true picture of what that era was like.

Parties for Parents

These are easier. Food and music would be things that are common at any celebration and the only thing you need to worry about are the guests. Invite people that you know your parents would want there, not your friends. A good theme would be a movie or movies that they grew up with, so movies like Grease, Star Wars, Jaws and The Godfather can be easily turned into perfect event stationery, with lightsabres on the cover, or handwritten on dirty paper a la The Godfather. Try to play music that they would recognize from popular bands. If you don’t know what would have been popular, simply download the soundtracks of famous movies. While grandparents would like to get in on the action, parents would rather be surprised as that means they don’t have to do the work of planning it. So try to be as secretive as possible.
Parties for Pals